“Sarah is one of

the most intelligent and insightful people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She makes everything she touches exponentially better.

She has facilitated workshops for some of the biggest brands in Canada and been the brains behind global brand re-positionings,

all while being an inspiring mentor to junior talent.

She has a unique perspective that comes from being a natural trend hunter and observer of the world.

She is a unicorn in our industry and a true talent anyone would be lucky to have.”

Lindsay Eady 
Asssociate Creative Director 
The Garden

“Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with. A strategist that understands culture and human behaviour.

But more importantly,

she always uncovers the white spaces for brands to play in.

Her creativity and enthusiasm shows up in everything she does.

I will continue to partner with her whenever I can.”

Sandra Moretti
Director Integrated Strategy
Canopy Growth


“Sarah is a strategic and savvy marketer with

an insatiable love for creativity and culture.

She leads with kindness at the core of everything she does.

Her intelligence and charm make her a joy to work for and with.”

Jessica Lax 
Group Account Director